About Lauren Wise

Back in 2007, Lauren made the life-altering decision to reinvent her future by becoming an entrepreneur. At first, she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to be when she ‘grew’ up, but figured that with her multifaceted technical background and a degree in Executive Secretarial, there must be something she could do on a ‘work-from-home’ basis.

At the same time, her beloved Labrador retriever was diagnosed with diabetes and Cushing’s disease and needed constant care (to say nothing of running up astronomical vet bills!). Searching Craig’s list for ideas on home-based businesses which would allow her to be near her fur-baby, she stumbled on an ad that read:


“Do you love animals? Are you familiar with My Space, Facebook and other social media sites? Handicapped Pets is looking for someone who can manage our online accounts from their home.”

Faster than you can say ‘Shazam!’ Lauren sent out a detailed resume on her finest linen paper using her dog Sasha’s picture as a watermark on the background. Beating out hundreds of other applicants, Lauren was chosen to conduct Social Media postings for HandicappedPets.com.

Countless hours attending webinars on Social Media training and constantly learning about the latest and greatest online promotional techniques, Lauren quickly became the “go to” girl for many businesses to help boost their online presence. Her accounts range from restaurants to real estate, online sites to occupational therapists – the sky (or the World Wide Web) poses no limits to her imagination.

She runs her Wise to Be Social virtual business in beautiful New Hampshire where she and her talented carpenter (hunky) hubby live, allows her to take on clients throughout North America. She even has satisfied international clients as well!

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